We use the latest software to help our valued clients rank on Google & Bing. With transparent reporting and staff that care, we will deliver online success through industry-leading optimisation and keywords.


Generate new business through SEO

SEO all boils down to one thing - ranking high on the search engine results page. Increasing traffic from a wide variety of phrases to produce growth in both the quality and quantity of visitors. Our job isn’t just about getting more visitors to your site, it’s about getting the sort of visitors that will turn into new, profitable customers.


“We've worked with Auburn for the last 10 years. The partnership has been key to the growth of our business. Their knowledge and expertise in our sector have helped us make the right decisions with our digital marketing and websites and I'd strongly recommend anyone in the self-storage sector speaking to them.” Guy Drummond, Director

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SEO strategies driven by data

Every SEO project we do starts with understanding your audience and buyer, what their needs and motivations are and which channels they use for search. This, combined with our knowledge of user search behaviours allow us to suggest the right approach for your business and situation.

  • Research and data-led approach to campaigns
  • Over 17 years developing winning strategies
  • Work directly with our Senior SEO marketing consultants

We use our SEO expertise in a variety of ways to get your website ranked on google. All of these areas are crucial in putting you ahead of the competition.

  • Digital PR / Link Building
  • On-Site Content / Meta Data
  • Content Marketing
  • Technical SEO /Page Performance
  • Insights / Keyword Research
  • Strategy

Over 17 Years

Web Design






Working closely with our experts we offer a bespoke web design that is perfect for your brand and target audience. Focusing on what your customer needs.

We use the industry leading software to help our clients rank on Google & Bing. With transparent reporting and staff that care. Plus, thirteen years of improving SEO for our customers helps!

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an instant, dynamic and measurable way of delivering qualified traffic to your website, a proportion of which will turn into new enquiries and sales.

Zubo, our email marketing platform, gives you the power to create and send professional and effective email marketing newsletters and campaigns that look beautiful on all devices and really deliver results.

Start selling through your website. Sell online with an optimised eCommerce website built by professionals. eCommerce is a speciality of ours. 18 years and counting...

We create branding that brings ideas to life. With professional in-depth knowledge, we go beyond the surface level and establish a connection with your audience through design.

Increased visibility in search and our results

We make it easy for you to see the progress that we’re making against the key performance indicators that we’ve agreed; see the increase in traffic, engagement and sales as a result of the work we do.

Our dashboard can be customised so that you can measure the metrics that matter to your business, be it signups to your mailing list, an online enquiry or an eCommerce sale. We measure everything and make the information available – so you can see the value we add easily and how this affects your bottom line.

  • See and track the metrics (KPIs) that matter to you
  • Drill down on campaign specifics, such as cost to acquire a customer
  • Easy to read director level reports

Some clients want to jump right into creating a strategy, other clients like to run an audit and then decide whether they want our team to help them on a monthly basis. Either way, we’d be delighted to help.

  • Full website audit – Useful for uncovering critical issues on your site
  • Full marketing audit – highlighting both onsite and off-page actions
  • Digital Strategy creation – Multi-channel, based on your objectives and budget
  • SEO strategy creation – Creation of a 12-24 month SEO plan
  • Monthly SEO campaigns – Content creation, outreach and link building
  • Google penalty removal and backlink audits

Work with experts - Our people are everything. We're a jolly bunch of digital experts who you can talk to, sit with & work with.
Auburn Google Partner

Google & Bing Partners

As a qualified Google Partner Agency you can be assured your SEO campaign will follow the correct protocols and guidelines. We do not exploit loop holes or use back door SEO techniques which can result in Google disavowing your site. We follow Google’s advice and guidelines however hard work it can be!

Our Google account team is also at hand to provide additional support, data and advice not just on paid campaigns but across all channels. This insight is not available to the general public, but only to Partner Agencies.


“Auburn have been a fantastic organisation to work with. All of their team that we encountered were friendly, honest and very knowledgeable and always around to help. We are delighted with the end result.” Neil Floyd, Group Finance Director

Leamington based, national agency

Based in two offices across the Midlands, we are centrally located within the UK and service a wide mix of businesses from large SMEs, to globally recognised organisations.

Our extensive experience helps our customers understand their digital marketing strategy and ensures we maximise budgets with a clear return on investment.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our team of SEO experts have pulled together a list of answers to the questions we generally get asked relating to SEO. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our SEO team today.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The process of SEO means optimising your website, driving traffic & increasing visibility for relevant keywords and search terms within search engines such as Google or Bing.

It’s a simple theory, the more visibility your business can get; The more likely you are to generate qualified leads from your website.

Why SEO is important?

Our team of digital strategists and SEO experts based in Leamington Spa have over 13 years of experience when it comes to Search engine optimisation. by understanding your market and competitor landscape our experts can refine the keywords we target and form your SEO strategy

Driving relevant traffic to your website is key when it comes to SEO campaigns. Getting seen for relevant search terms is important to success, relevant search terms get your customers ready to interact with your business. SEO aims to target people already searching for services or products like your business, unlike traditional marketing methods.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a branch of Search Engine Optimisation. It’s vital to meet Google technical requirements or your visibility will surely diminish.

Our experts will compile a technical SEO report and will carry out a deep dive analysis into your website, showing you exactly what needs to be improved.

Search Engines must be able to see, crawl and index the pages that are live on your site. That being said, this can be overlooked if not common practice, including such things as core web vitals, duplicate content, page speed, site security and mobile optimisation.

How does SEO work?

Search engines crawl websites by using clever bots and algorithms, They pull information in regards to your site and put them into an index. Once this is done the algorithms then index while adhering to ranking factors or signals. This will then decide if your site/pages should appear for what the customer is searching for.

Ranking factors can be an obstacle for most, so it is always wise to seek expertise from an experienced SEO agency to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, your content quality is working for you and the authority of the site is relevant in order to compete.

At Auburn Digital we usually divide the SEO into 3 areas including Technical SEO, Content and Authority. Technical SEO focuses efforts around website maintenance and hygiene, ensuring that the site is mobile-friendly, fully crawlable and fast.

At the same time, content focuses on the creation and implementation of high quality, keyword-relevant copy on-site whilst Authority SEO refers to generating high-quality backlinks from the industry-specific sites which then improve your Domain Authority and trustworthiness of the site for the search engines.