How to build trust in your eCommerce store

Setting up an eCommerce store has never been easier. With tools like Shopify, you could potentially start selling online in a matter of hours. But selling online is about more than just inventory management, storefront and payment options. Setting up a successful eCommerce store is all about building trust.
There are many things we as consumers have come to expect from an eCommerce experience. We want details about what we are buying, we want to know how long it will take to arrive and we want to know that our credit card details will only be used to authorise the payment and nothing more.
These are all things we take for granted, but when setting up an eCommerce store, it’s important to go back to basics to make sure you are meeting your audience’s expectations. There are many different fears that consumers have when shopping online, and it’s your responsibility to dispel each of these fears. 

Fear #1: this isn’t a “real” store

There are a few ways you can lend credibility to your online store. If you’re a new startup and no one knows your brand yet, you’re going to have a lot further to go than a company with an established offline presence that is pivoting to online sales. In general, you should:

  • Choose a sensible URL, if it’s too long, it could look “spoofed”
  • Install an SSL certificate
  • Use a professional website template or design
  • Have a physical address on your website
  • Link to other profiles, such as Facebook or Instagram
  • Add a reviews feature to your site using a trusted source like TrustPilot

Fear #2: you’ll steal my information

The Cambridge Analytica scandal made many consumers a lot more conscious about the value of their data. And many people are also wary about entering their credit card details on an untrustworthy website. You can ease these fears by:

  • Include a privacy statement
  • Using a secure and recognised payment portal
  • Make sure your company name will appear correctly on bank statements
  • Ask permission before adding users to your mailing list

Fear #3: I don’t know what I’m getting

One of the biggest problems that will make customers run a mile is unclear or missing product information. You need to be very clear about what you are selling and include all of the relevant information to help them make a decision. Don’t be surprised if you struggle to get any sales with unclear product photos and sparse descriptions. To build trust in your online store, make sure you:

  • Spring for professional product photos and include multiple angles
  • Take the time to write detailed and consistent product descriptions
  • Add a reviews feature to your products so customers can see what other people thought
  • Add a live chat feature to your online store so users can easily ask questions

Fear #4: I won’t be able to return it

Users might be willing to take a chance on an unknown store, but not if they are guaranteed to be stuck with their purchase. Make your returns policy very clear so that customers know that they will be protected if they decide to return the item. Make sure you:

  • Add your shipping and returns policy to your site
  • Include a physical mailing address so users feel more confident they will be able to return the item

If you need help creating a trustworthy and effective eCommerce store, get in touch with Auburn today. We’re highly experienced in eCommerce web design, UX optimisation and eCommerce selling.