Pay Per Click (PPC) is an instant, dynamic and measurable way of delivering qualified traffic to your website, a proportion of which will turn into new enquiries and sales.


New leads and sales from PPC

Instant, dynamic and measurable – Pay Per Click is a great way of reaching new customers and driving relevant people to your website who have a strong intent to buy your product or service. It’s fast too, within hours of setting your campaign to go live you can see new visits, enquiries and sales.


“Since the site and campaigns went live we’ve seen a good uplift in traffic, enquiries and sales. Our digital marketing campaigns generate in excess of £1.4M annually” Tony Dale, Technical Director – Mills CNC

Mills CNC

100% transparency within Google Ads

Unlike some agencies, we charge a flat fee for managing your campaigns rather than a percentage of your spending, so we’re not falsely motivated by getting you to spend more. We want to get your budget to go further, get you more leads and more sales for the same or less money. We also give you full access to your account, allowing you to see the changes we’re doing and have access to budgets.

The key to display advertising is understanding your customers’ personas. What are their needs, what are they interested in and what influences their purchase decisions? Understanding who they are and what they do online is key, we can then create adverts and place these on the type of sites, next to the sort of content that will be of interest to them. But remember, many people will not click on your adverts as they are not searching with the same intent as someone searching directly on Google for a product or service, so the conversion rate is always much lower, but there is an upside.

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Working closely with our experts we offer a bespoke web design that is perfect for your brand and target audience. Focusing on what your customer needs.

We use the industry leading software to help our clients rank on Google & Bing. With transparent reporting and staff that care. Plus, thirteen years of improving SEO for our customers helps!

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an instant, dynamic and measurable way of delivering qualified traffic to your website, a proportion of which will turn into new enquiries and sales.

Zubo, our email marketing platform, gives you the power to create and send professional and effective email marketing newsletters and campaigns that look beautiful on all devices and really deliver results.

Start selling through your website. Sell online with an optimised eCommerce website built by professionals. eCommerce is a speciality of ours. 18 years and counting...

We create branding that brings ideas to life. With professional in-depth knowledge, we go beyond the surface level and establish a connection with your audience through design.

Peace of mind from our PPC experts

So if you’re worried that your advertising costs are going up (which they probably are) and you’re getting fewer clicks for your budget, or you just want to stop worrying that you’re not really doing enough to keep on top of it, we can do the hard work so you sleep better at night.

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Work with experts - Our people are everything. We're a jolly bunch of digital experts who you can talk to, sit with & work with.
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Google & Bing Partners

As a qualified Google Partner Agency you can be assured your SEO campaign will follow the correct protocols and guidelines. We do not exploit loop holes or use back door SEO techniques which can result in Google disavowing your site. We follow Google’s advice and guidelines however hard work it can be!

Our Google account team is also at hand to provide additional support, data and advice not just on paid campaigns but across all channels. This insight is not available to the general public, but only to Partner Agencies.


“Auburn grasped what we needed immediately and really brought our brand values to life, in a way we could never have done by ourselves.” Julian Ferguson, Sales Manager

Leamington based, national agency

Based in two offices across the Midlands, we are centrally located within the UK and service a wide mix of businesses from large SMEs, to globally recognised organisations.

Our extensive experience helps our customers understand their digital marketing strategy and ensures we maximise budgets with a clear return on investment.

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Latest PPC blog.

Latest PPC blog posts from the team at Auburn Creative.

Author - Steve Tipson

Digital Marketing in the Self-Storage Sector

Overview The storage market is still growing, despite the number of new stores declining slightly in 2022.  With just over 2,000 self-storage facilities in the UK, 620 of these are container-based. The industry itself represents over 1000 different brands, from the big names such as Safestore and Big Yellow, to smaller more local stores and independent operators. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve worked in this sector for over 15

PPC (Pay Per Click) FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our team of PPC experts have assembled some frequently asked questions for PPC and how paid search can impact your business. If you need any further information, please, contact us today.

Why use PPC?

The main advantage of PPC is that it can be implemented and measured quickly, allowing you to reach new audiences and generate leads in a matter of weeks. PPC can help you reach business goals through sales, brand awareness and lead submissions to name a few.

Although PPC can produce results fast, budgets are carefully monitored as it’s important to react to the market to get the most out of this channel.

What is PPC & how does it work?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click although, it can also be called Paid Search. As the name suggests, you pay per click. This type of promotion encompasses Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

With this advanced advertising tool, businesses pay a certain fee every time users click on their online advert. This can be through search engine results, display ads, video ads, social ads and more.

What is PPC Management?

PPC campaigns can be managed across both Google and Microsoft. PPC management ensures that your spending and advertising target the relevant audience with high intent and the best chance of a conversion. To achieve business goals and targets, we carefully manage, optimise and nurture ad spend and adverts.

PPC management involves providing insights and making adjustments to maximise paid performance. To improve your return on investment, our PPC management team provides insights into keyword performance, targeting, audiences and budgets.

Which PPC platforms do you operate with?

With years of experience managing PPC campaigns for our clients, we have extensive knowledge in Paid Search. As a certified Google Partner and Bing Partner, our expertise has been recognised in the field.

Our trusted agency also uses Amazon Advertising. So we can support you no matter which platform you prefer to use.

As well as Paid Search, our other areas of expertise include Display Advertising, Social Advertising and Video Advertising.

PPC VS SEO: Which is better?

The answer is both. To get the best results for your business, we recommend a combined PPC and SEO strategy. Around 50% of users click ads, and the other 50% use organic results, making it vital to have visibility in both channels as the audience is very much alike.

Here at Auburn, we have a team of PPC experts and SEO specialists with years of experience. If you have any questions relating to Paid or Search marketing, get in touch with us today.