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We do more than beautiful website design and clever digital marketing, especially within the self-storage sector.

We’ll help you build a solid and sustainable online business model. As a UK-based agency, we’re driven by creativity and motivated by helping businesses grow. We’re real, we’re passionate and we care about the work we do.


Self storage client expands through digital marketing

Storage businesses we work with

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Hills Self Storage

Self storage business web design & digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing for self-storage companies, We are the experts…no seriously. With over 18 years of experience from a determined office in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire; working with numerous clients to bring out the best in their self-storage business, this could be done through Web design, Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

We have done the research and know what website landing pages, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & PPC (Pay-per-click) you need to make your business stand out. All you have to worry about is keeping track of your customer’s belongings.

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Years Experience

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What to expect from one of our self storage websites?

When you commission us to do a website project you’re getting the attention of a whole team. The Project Manager will run your project and will work closely with you throughout the process. The Project Manager also coordinates our researchers, designers, developers, marketing experts, copywriters and photographers.

Some clients come to us with a brief, some without, either way, the first step is scoping out the project and working out what you need and what you want your project to achieve. We start by researching the market, understanding your audience and looking at the best approach for positioning your business.

We follow this up with sitemaps and wireframes. Once we’ve agreed on the wireframes the designers get stuck in creating concepts and mockups of your site. We often get a photographer and brand designer involved at this stage too.

Once the design is signed off we go to build, led by our project manager, we pull together copy, images and code into a fully working website that then goes through an internal snagging process. Then the site is built we ask you for your feedback and we prepare the site for going live. We go through a detailed procedure to ensure a smooth transition for all.

We’ll train your team, so they’ll be able to access and update your site, with the correct permissions and publishing rights and we’ll back you up all the way until you’re 100% happy.

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We can increase your traffic and get you in front of your target audiences from the get-go.

Web Design






Working closely with our experts we offer a bespoke web design that is perfect for your brand and target audience. Focusing on what your customer needs.

We use the industry leading software to help our clients rank on Google & Bing. With transparent reporting and staff that care. Plus, thirteen years of improving SEO for our customers helps!

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an instant, dynamic and measurable way of delivering qualified traffic to your website, a proportion of which will turn into new enquiries and sales.

Zubo, our email marketing platform, gives you the power to create and send professional and effective email marketing newsletters and campaigns that look beautiful on all devices and really deliver results.

Start selling through your website. Sell online with an optimised eCommerce website built by professionals. eCommerce is a speciality of ours. 18 years and counting...

We create branding that brings ideas to life. With professional in-depth knowledge, we go beyond the surface level and establish a connection with your audience through design.

Auburn Team

Why choose Auburn for self storage digital marketing?

As a qualified Google Partner Agency you can be assured your marketing campaigns will follow the correct protocols and guidelines. We do not exploit loopholes or use back door SEO techniques which can result in Google disavowing your site. We follow Google’s advice and guidelines however hard work it can be!

Combine this with us helping businesses in the self-storage sector for over 17 years and we have so many tools at our disposal to help generate traffic and click to your new website.


“Auburn has been instrumental in helping us develop our digital strategy. Their knowledge of the self-storage industry has been a huge advantage and has informed many of the decisions we've made when creating digital marketing campaigns and developing our website.” Anthony Adams - Marketing Manager
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Digital marketing...with storage in mind.

Let’s get started. Some clients want to jump right into creating a digital marketing strategy. Some clients like to run a website audit and then decide whether they want our team to help them every month. Either way, we’d be delighted to help.

  • Full website audit – Useful for uncovering critical issues on your site
  • Full marketing audit – highlighting both onsite and off-page actions
  • Digital Strategy creation – Multi-channel, based on your objectives and budget
  • SEO strategy creation – Creation of a 12-24 month SEO plan
  • Monthly SEO campaigns – Content creation, outreach and link building
  • Google penalty removal and backlink audits

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Self storage businesses we work with...

Over the years, we have worked with many self storage clients, hence why we are experts in the field. Meaning we can implement our expertise and provide our customers with the satisfaction they require.

Self storage businesses all need to maximise any investment into Digital Marketing – this is where we can help produce results and get customer action and ultimately leading to sales.

Here is an idea of the kind of clients that we have worked with:

  • Now Self Storage
  • Magenta Self Storage
  • Hills Self Storage

Self Storage 3

Insights & Reporting

Keeping track of your investment in digital marketing is equally important as the work we do to make your Website stand out from the competition. Tracking engagements and measuring success is vital to keeping ahead of the curve.

We utilise the latest software and analytics tools to show that the trust is not misplaced. We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and Google DataStudio. With these insights, you can rest assured your website is performing to the optimum.

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