Google Display Network

“The display network has allowed us to increase brand visibility massively for such a low, low cost. It has been an incredibly good value channel for our business”

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to advertise your business on other websites, reaching out to a potentially huge new audience who may be receptive to your offering. There are literally millions of websites that accept display advertising in a huge range of industries and niche sectors. Our goal is position your business on websites which we know your potential customers visit, aligning your adverts with the type of content that your potential customer will be engaged with and reading regularly.

Understanding your buyer

The key to display advertising is understanding your customers’ personas. What are their needs, what are they interested in and what influences their purchase decisions? Understanding who they are and what they do online is key, we can then create adverts and place these on the type of sites, next to the sort of content that will be of interest to them. But remember, many people will not click on your adverts as they are not searching with the same intent as someone searching directly on Google for a product or service, so the conversion rate is always much lower, but there is an upside.

Brand visibility and clicks

Display advertising is paid for on a cost per click basis, so the upside is that you only pay Google a fee if someone actually clicks on your advert with intent to visit your site. This opens up a huge branding opportunity, allowing you to advertise your brand on literally thousands of websites, for very little cost. Your potential visitors get to see your brand, but it costs you nothing until they decide to take action. So Display is a great channel for increasing brand awareness and generating low cost clicks.

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