Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation

“For every £100 spent on driving traffic to website, companies only spent £1 converting that traffic into business” – Understanding and improving the conversion rate on your website can be more profitable than driving new traffic.

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Turn more visitors into customers

It’s important to continually drive new people to your website, but what about the people who are already finding you but not getting in touch or buying?

Conversion rate optimisation is all about understanding your audience and making changes to your site so that more of them connect with your business. These changes can be as simple as changing the position or colour of a button or more involved such as changing how your checkout process works. The goal is to turn a greater percentage of visitors into to customers, creating new sales without having to spend a single penny on additional marketing.

Data, insight and common sense

We often pick up projects from clients, where they have just had a new site designed, but it’s not performing as they had hoped. Although each project is different, there are normally plenty of things we can do to improve performance, some of them are easy to spot, simply through user testing, however a data driven approach is often required along with A/B split testing.

Once all the visually obvious improvements have been made to your website, we use mapping software,  which allows us to see how people are using your website and exactly where they are clicking. Heat mapping and scroll mapping, along with data taken from Google Analytics allows us to build up a picture of how your visitors are using your website and where to make improvements.

Strong calls to action

There may be nothing wrong with your branding, your content and the accessibility of your website. Sometimes it’s simply down to creating more compelling calls to action.

We understand that the people who visit your website will have different levels of intent, just like in a department store, some just pop in for inspiration or to get ideas, others are comparing which product to will suit them, perhaps comparing benefits and features, while others know what they want and head straight for the checkout.

It’s not too different online, that’s why we believe it’s important to have calls to action to capture as many of the people that come onto your website whatever their intent. The key to success is to ensure that as many people as possible give you some form of contact details before they leave.

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