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Create a strategy that focused on local visibility at each store, and a process that automated customer acquisition and on-boarding.

Magenta Self Storage

Self Storage company expands through digital channels.

Magenta Self Storage provides all-inclusive storage for both personal and business use. Their storage solutions are simple and straightforward; they offer a wide range of storage sizes and our transparent prices for each size include free access, a padlock for your storage room and a host of other services. With storage facilities across the country.



“Auburn has been instrumental in helping us develop our digital strategy. Their knowledge of the self-storage industry has been a huge advantage and has informed many of the decisions we've made when creating digital marketing campaigns and developing our website.” Anthony Adams - Marketing Manager

Visibility plan

Using data and insight that we’ve built up from working in this sector for the last 10 years, we developed a plan that focused on local visibility. We were immediately able to suggest the keywords and terms that generate good conversion rates and sales. 

We know a smooth mobile user journey is always critical to success with self-storage clients, dropping online quotes into a sales funnel for automated and personalised email follow up (GDPR compliant) and assisting the journey from quoting through to reservation. We integrated the process with Zen-desk and Space Manager via Zapier.

Magenta Self Storage Stat


increase in organic traffic


The site consistently achieves a conversion rate.


Generating over 5,500 quotation requests via digital in 12 months.


Years working relationship


Goal completion YOY


An excellent increase of 48% user sessions over a 24 month period

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