WordPress SEO in 2015: The role of quality

Recently we’ve been looking at WordPress SEO in 2015 and this week we want to address the role of content in search optimisation. After all, content is what WordPress is all about and it gives you full control over everything you publish – so it makes sense to understand the role it plays in search ranking.

Creating ‘Profitable’ Content In 2015

When Jay Baer said “creating content that consumers want isn’t enough,” he was touching on the challenges of creating content in the modern age (and this was back in 2013). Sure, content has some SEO value, even if nobody reads it, but take a look at the ranking factors for 2015 and you’ll quickly see the limitations of having no audience.
So to turn your content into a profitable marketing tool you need readers; which starts with creating content that says something unique and offers value – but this is only the beginning. You also need to reach people via social media, guest blogging, comments and whatever it takes to get people sharing your content and linking to it.
The mantra if you write it (and it’s good enough), they will come no longer works anymore and you need to first create that killer content and then take it to the masses.

Learning To Play The Long Game

The most frustrating thing about content marketing these days is the time it takes. Be wary of impatience though, because few things can kill a perfectly good content strategy like the urge to jump ahead.
Don’t be afraid to publish content less often if that’s what it takes to maintain quality. Invest time in building contacts, commenting on other blogs and reaching out to people – it doesn’t matter how small your steps are, as long as they’re in the right direction.
Let the urge to rush take over and you’ll only waste time getting nowhere; it simply isn’t worth it.

Content Marketing And Search Marketing Are Not The Same Thing

Modern SEO takes the emphasis away from search engines and places it on the user, where it should be. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking content marketing is the new SEO.
Take a look at this video from Moz where Rand Fishkin nicely sums up the role of technical SEO in modern search marketing: