Why content marketing helps your Google rank

Content marketing is the practice of creating, curating and sharing valuable, relevant content aimed at attracting a targeted audience and driving traffic towards your website. Traditional methods of marketing are quickly becoming ineffective with Google’s latest algorithm update recognising content over keywords.

Google has continually improved its algorithms to help its search engine users find the most relevant and useful returns to their queries. As a result, Google rewards businesses that are consistently publishing good quality content. There are many debates amongst SEO and digital marketing experts on the appropriate length of content articles, but what Google really values is expertise and authority. So, as long as you are providing insightful, interesting information and proving your leadership within your industry, Google will begin to rank your website higher.
A good content marketing strategy will; help your business to publish regular, useful content targeted towards your audience, keep your website fresh – showing Google that it is alive and growing, and demonstrate your authority in your chosen sector. All of which will improve your search engine results page ranking (SERP’s) making it easier for Google users to find your website.
The ‘Four V’s’ approach to semantic search theory is applicable to the creation of a good content marketing strategy. Volume, velocity, variety and veracity should be foremost in your mind when planning your content marketing.

  • The volume of original content shared on your website and social profiles will provide Google with the necessary information it needs about your business to present it to users in its results pages.
  • Velocity refers to the speed at which you are providing Google with fresh content. The quicker you are posting new content, the faster Google can index it and present it to its users.
  • Sharing a Variety of content such as; blogs, infographics, videos, whitepapers and social updates shows Google that you are creating content for your audience and are enabling them to access it with ease in a variety of formats.
  • Veracity (accuracy, truthfulness) of content adds to its value in the eyes of your audience and therefore Google. Accurate, informative content will also establish your business as a thought leader in its respective sector.

Content marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand and both contribute to helping your website gain recognition from Google. If you have a well-planned content strategy for your website this can boost your social media efforts. Studies have found that effective social media marketing focuses on several social networks at once, creating and sharing valuable content. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google+ are all key social networks that should be at the centre of your digital marketing plan.
Google+ will become particularly important in improving Google search results and the more +1’s that your profile receives the higher Google will value your content. By establishing Google Authorship of your content and tying it to your Google+ page you will strengthen your author rank and ultimately improve the SERP’s for your profile.
It is essential to employ easy social sharing options on any original content you have created and shared on your website. Google and other search engines’ are starting to rely on social sharing and engagement as signs of curation of content by human users. This active content curation will show search engines that people value your content and wish to share it.
If you are serious about improving Google’s recognition of your website then it is time to invest in a content centric approach to your digital marketing efforts.