Why listening to clients is the first thing we do

It’s not about us, it’s about you. Our philosophy with a new client is to ask lots of questions and to listen well. It’s only when we’ve fully understood your business can start to offer advice and create a strategy that will work.

Getting to know you

Everything we do here at Auburn is based on your commercial goals and how to achieve them in your industry. We don’t make assumptions; we base our decisions on reliable data and everything you tell us about your business. The first thing we do – after making a good brew – is get to know you and your business and the online problems or opportunities you’re looking to tackle.

Understanding the marketplace

Next we turn our attention to your target audience: how they’re influenced and the journey they take when looking for your product or service. Audience research combined with competitor analysis gives us the insight we need to start turning your objectives into a reality. This isn’t a one-time process either. We collect data as we go, to constantly improve and refine a campaign over time.

Our honest view on things

Our most important service here at Auburn is honest, sound advice. Tell us your goals and we’ll be honest with you every step of the way. If we think something isn’t achievable, or your proposition isn’t commercially viable, we’ll be the first to tell you and strive to find the best alternative. In some cases, we’ve proposed a different solution to what the client thought they wanted, which worked better and was a lot less expensive. We love it when that happens.

No sales

We're marketing and creative experts, not sales people. Get the advice you need without the sales patter or pressure.

No jargon
or hype

We won't bamboozle you with jargon, we'll speak plainly & clearly offering genuinely sound advice.

Work with experts

Our people are everything. We're a jolly bunch of digital experts who you can talk to, sit with & work with.

Transparency and value

There's no cloak & dagger, just good honest work & transparent processes so you can see the value we add.