Social media marketing

“What they were able to provide us with was far beyond what we originally thought possible and the value they added through social media integration cannot be underestimated.”

David Guilding – Theatre Manager, The Bridge House Theatre

Showing your personality

Social media marketing is all about building relationships. Harnessing the power of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram can help you build relationships and better brand loyalty from your customers. We believe social media isn’t just about advertising your services; it’s about projecting the human dimension of your business and the personality of your brand.

Reaching consumers with your brand

Online word of mouth not only helps to build your brand, it also drives traffic to your website. People who visit your website via your social media marketing efforts are more qualified, have a higher level of trust in your organisation and are much more likely to buy your product, service or offering.

Advertising strategies

Advertising on social media can also be incredibly effective, especially for B2C brands. Most social channels allow you to target niche audiences; with Facebook you can filter by location, age and other profile information including interest groups. The result is that you can position adverts to people who are closely matched to the customer type that you are targeting, wasting far less of your advertising budget.

Crafting a campaign for your business

We want to get to know you and your business before we do anything and a key part of that is understanding your unique position and your customers preferences and habits. Crafting a campaign that engages your audience, giving them a reason to enjoy and share the experience of your brand takes time, most social campaigns are conducted for a minimum of 6 months.

Training, advice and working together

Your social media marketing should naturally be an extension of your culture and part of your day to day life within your business. But we know that’s not always easy to embed within an organisation. You need strategy, ideas, training and advice – but we want to help engage the key stakeholders within your business to contribute to your social influence.

No sales

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Work with experts

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Transparency and value

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