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“Auburn have helped us achieve some very good results from Google, we’ve seen £300K worth of new sales, 30% increase in traffic since last year and one of our key terms is now showing as No.1 in”

Ying Zhang – Marketing Manager, RNA Automation

Search engine optimisation

It’s time to generate new business

With 85% of traffic in the UK starting with a Google search, getting a good natural search position can give your business a huge competitive advantage. Our job is to help you get there and stay there, so pull up a chair and let’s get stuck in.

Search engine optimisation isn’t about ranking well on just a few phrases, our objective is to improve the relevancy and authority for your site over all, increasing traffic from a wide variety of phrases to produce growth in both the quality and quantity of visitors. Our job isn’t just about getting more visitors to your site, it’s about getting the sort of visitors that will turn into new, profitable customers.

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"Every £1 we spend returns £35 in revenue"

“With over £1.7m of enquiries in just 12 months, Auburn has really helped our organisation make the most of the unique potential the web has to offer. Every £1 we spend on digital with Auburn returns £35 in revenue”

John Turpin, Venues Manager
EEF venues

Get good advice

Make decisions based on data and insight

Every SEO project we do starts with understanding your audience and buyer, what their needs and motivations are and which channels they use for search. This, combined with our knowledge of user search behaviours allow us to suggest the right approach for your business and situation.

  • Research and data led approach to campaigns
  • Over 10 years developing winning strategies
  • Work directly with our Senior SEO marketing consultants

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Good SEO advice

“The website that Auburn have built for us coupled with their digital marketing strategy, has almost given us too many leads to handle - we've seen a huge increase in sales - 54% in the first year alone.”

Andrew Hartshorn, Managing Director
Easyplan (UK) Ltd

Rated 5* on Google reviews

“With over £1.7m of enquiries in just 12 months, Auburn has really helped our organisation make the most of the unique potential the web has to offer. Every £1 we spend on digital with Auburn returns £35 ”

John Turpin, Venues Manager
EEF venues

Rated 5* on Google reviews

“Since the site went live we’ve seen a good uplift in enquiries. All leads are tracked and to date the digital marketing and website has delivered £1M worth of pipeline and we’ve successfully closed £400k worth of orders.”

Tony Dale, Technical Director
Mills CNC

Rated 5* on Google reviews

"We’ve been working with Auburn since 2004 and I trust them with both of my key business sites. We’re now receiving a large number of enquiries from the site every week; exceeding our goals by more than 500% thanks to Auburn."

Emlyn Evans - Squab Group

Emlyn Evans, Managing Director
Squab Group

Rated 5* on Google reviews

Backed up by Google

Google account team

As a qualified Google Partner Agency you can be assured your SEO campaign will follow the correct protocols and guidelines. We do not exploit loop holes or use back door SEO techniques which can result in Google disavowing your site. We follow Google’s advice and guidelines however hard work it can be!

Our Google account team is also at hand to provide additional support, data and advice not just on paid campaigns but across all channels. This insight is not available to the general public, but only to Partner Agencies.

  • We share Google’s insight and data
  • We follow Google’s code of practice and ethics
  • Access to Google’s support team

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Google Partner

See the results

Clear measurement on ROI

We make it easy for you to see the progress that we’re making against the key performance indicators that we’ve agreed; see the increase in traffic, engagement and sales as a result of the work we do.

Our dashboard can be customised so that you can measure the metrics that matter to your business, be it signups to your mailing list, an online enquiry or an eCommerce sale. We measure everything and make the information available – so you can see the value we add easily and how this affects your bottom line.

  • See and track the metrics (KPIs) that matter to you
  • Drill down on campaign specifics, such as cost to aquire a customer
  • Easy to read director level reports

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A helpful team

Working with you

The key ingredient was care, on their part. Unlike the other agencies I spoke with, Auburn understood what I wanted. They are a remarkably different group of people.”

Our starting point is always – how can we help you? Some clients are looking for an agency to take charge and run their campaigns, others need advice, training and ongoing support while doing the majority of the work in-house. Whichever way you’d like to work, whatever you need help with, we’re flexible and we’ll work in a way that supports you.

We are proud of the fact that clients love our openness and honesty, we share stuff, we’re available for you to sit with, talk to and we’re happy to provide training. At the end of the day we’re success driven, not fee driven, which means we’re not like other agencies.

  • A local team whom you can work alongside
  • Real people with passion for what we do
  • Learn the tricks and techniques we use

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Work with our Digital Marketing team

SEO services we offer

From audits to campaigns

Let’s get started. Some clients want to jump right into creating a strategy, other clients like to run an audit and then decide whether they want our team to help them on a monthly basis. Either way we’d be delighted to help.

  • Full website audit – Useful for uncovering critical issues on your site
  • Full marketing audit – highlighting both onsite and off page actions
  • Digital Strategy creation – Multi channel, based on your objectives and budget
  • SEO strategy creation – Creation of a 12-24 month SEO plan
  • Monthly SEO campaigns – Content creation, outreach and link building
  • Google penalty removal and backlink audits

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