Creating beautiful digital brands that stand out

“They had the skills to take our raw ideas and the time to not only understand the brief but to also understand our business. And not forgetting, they also happen to be a really good bunch of people too!”

Tony Watson – CEO, CallMy

Creating digital brands

You reputation is everything and in the digital age where news and information travels fast and far, we believe having a robust and positive brand image is an absolute must. Does your brand represent your organisations personality, ethos and culture, does it convey a movement that people want to be part of, aspire to or be influenced by?

Proposition and emotion

When organisations look at their brand and messages, too often the thinking is around what they want to say about themselves. We believe however, that your proposition should really be based around what your customers are looking for and why your product and service is different or unique.

Buying decisions are often based on emotion, it’s how our brain works. So to create the right brand requires both a scientific approach, based on data and research and an artistic one, creating something your audience thinks is beautiful and aspirational. We work hard to ensure the message and visual elements of your brand are just right, allowing you to be positioned successfully against your larger, better resourced competitors.

How we work

Every project starts with a brief, unpacking who you are, your culture, personalty and the audience that you want to influence. Once we have an understanding of the DNA of your organisation, we then get to work. Creative stuff, using old fashioned pencils and paper combined with more digital techniques, collating ideas, visual catalysts and typography, inspiration comes in many different forms.

We pull together a number of concepts initially, keen to get your feedback before the idea becomes too developed. We then progress the chosen concepts through to a finished state showing how your brand could be applied and used in different applications online and offline.

No sales

We're marketing and creative experts, not sales people. Get the advice you need without the sales patter or pressure.

No jargon
or hype

We won't bamboozle you with jargon, we'll speak plainly & clearly offering genuinely sound advice.

Work with experts

Our people are everything. We're a jolly bunch of digital experts who you can talk to, sit with & work with.

Transparency and value

There's no cloak & dagger, just good honest work & transparent processes so you can see the value we add.