Our top 5 apps and plugins for WordPress sites

When thinking about their new website, many business owners focus on the look and feel of a site. While the design is no doubt important, it’s often the stuff going on behind the scenes that makes a website truly outstanding.

The ideal website should be discoverable, functional, informative, interactive and helpful. If you’re failing on any of these fronts, don’t worry. There are plenty of WordPress plugins and apps that can help transform your website.

Our top apps for WordPress 

These are just some of the tools that we know and love. If you have any more that you think we should check out, why not let us know in the comments, or send us a Tweet!

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is probably the best tool for keeping your website SEO in check. It goes beyond advising you on things like keyword distribution. On most sites, it will also generate your sitemap and robots.txt file. It can also advise you on keyword strategy, internal linking and help you to ensure that your website content is user-friendly. If you’re not already using Yoast SEO on your website, we would highly recommend you give it a try.

Top Apps For WordPress: Yoast SEO


We’re written before about our ongoing love affair with Slack. It quite simply keeps things going here at Auburn HQ and we’d be lost without it. It helps us to keep in touch with colleagues when they are working from home and also lets us work with remote freelancers. Slassk is a top notch integration available for WordPress websites. It allows you to integrate your customer service and live chat with your Slack account. This means you can assign conversations to people and pick up messages like never before. If you are a small business wondering how you can make live chat work for you, you need Slassk in your life.

You can read more about how we use Slack for collaboration here.

Gravity Forms

A great website should prompt action. In the case of lead generation and B2B websites, you will usually want your users to get in touch. Gravity Forms takes the stress out of building contact forms and ensures you can be confident it will keep working. If you’ve ever had an unreliable contact form on your website, you’ll know all about the stress of missed leads. With Gravity Forms, you can set up incredibly complex forms with ease, allowing you to collect the information you need to get the conversation started.

Crazy Egg

How do you know if elements on your website are working? How do you know if your visitors are finding the information they need? You can look at your Google Analytics, but this is only one part of the whole story. To get into the nitty-gritty of user experience, you need a powerful app like Crazy Egg on your side. It allows you to see what your visitors are getting up to, what entices them to click and what elements on the page they completely ignore. Take your user testing to the next level with A/B testing that isn’t a nightmare to set up. If you care about the user experience, you need Crazy Egg in your life.


If you want to increase your ROI or grow your mailing list, you need Sumo installed on your website pronto! Sumo allows you to create great-looking popups that convert visitors into subscribers. If you run an e-commerce store, this can be great for increasing the average order value and reminding users of forgotten items in their cart. For lead generation companies, building your email list is often incredibly valuable. You’ll then have a direct line to speak to potential customers directly, so make sure you have an incredible email journey in store for them.

These are just a few of the WordPress apps and plugins that make our lives easier. If you have anything to add to the list, we’d love to hear about it below!