The benefits of email marketing

With the rise of social media, many businesses are placing less emphasis on their email marketing efforts. However, prioritising email marketing can offer a range of benefits for businesses both small and large. Read on to see how implementing an email marketing strategy could boost your online conversions at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.
Easily track engagement
Reviewing the success rate of an email campaign is simple and easy using most email software. With our email platform Zubo, you can see recipients that have opened the email, monitor click through rates and even track their journey from email through to your website and see the point at which they either abandoned their journey or went through to purchase.
Email is a transactional medium.
Customers have come to expect deals and offers from businesses via email, which means that when they open yours they are already in a buying frame of mind. Email also makes it easier for customers to purchase the products advertised, usually in a two-click process, so including enticing calls to action within the email can actively boost your conversion rate.
Database segmentation
Email gives marketers many more options when it comes to targeting their marketing. Customers can be filtered using a variety of criteria including geographical location, previous purchases, gender and much more. Email is also a brilliant medium for A/B testing within marketing campaigns.
Low cost
There are a range of email software providers that offer free or low cost options for sending multiple emails. Software such as Zubo, Mailchimp and Newzapp allow you to easily create, send and analyse the results of email campaigns.
Frequent communication
Creating an email marketing campaign takes considerably less time, effort and money than other traditional forms of marketing which means it is a viable way of frequent communication with your customer base. Although, email marketing best practice does suggest that marketers should not send more than one email per week at the risk of irritating and possibly losing their subscribers.
Increased share-ability
As a medium for sharing information, nothing beats email. Recipients can easily pass on and share emails that they find useful with contacts by simply forwarding them. If you are creating engaging, valuable content then the possibility of your email being shared beyond your customer base is also increased.
Email is a powerful marketing tool and should be prominent within your digital marketing strategy. Have you had success with a recent email campaign? Tweet us @AuburnCreative and tell us all about it! – Fancy having a go? Why not sign up for a free account with Zubo, our own email marketing platform.