A smart button that does everything – well almost!

flic-button2Over the last few months we have been experimenting with a wireless smart button from a company called “flic”, sounds interesting doesn’t it?
We were a little sceptical at first but after an initial touchy feely session with these quirky looking buttons we found that they had some real benefits and helpful integration within.

So what are they?

Well they are quite simply a bluetooth button that has 3 actions – click, double click and long click and each of these inputs can be assigned to a task or multiple tasks by connecting the smart button to your smart device. The list of reactions from these actions is quite good at the moment but we can see there will possibly be more added as time goes by.

What we did

Integrating with gmail we sent an email from our phone to a team member then we linked the button up with Spotify and set a specific song to start and stop, so with a single click we can have “Party Time”.
Other things we had a play with were the games within the Flic app “Flappy Flic” and “Flic Flyer” which were both great fun but not really a business related.
There are quite a few interactions which we found which could be a great benefit in the office, one which was suggested was using it for client meetings when drinks are required you can use different presses of the button for specific drinks (one click for Tea, two for coffee and long click for water).

Other Uses

Some really handy functions which we found with the smart button are as follows:

  • Use the button as a remote camera shutter.
  • Use it to activate Siri (instead of shouting “Hey Siri”)
  • Control wireless lighting systems with a click.
  • Control your music for various devices and applications.
  • Emergency SMS message.
  • Find your phone.
  • Integrate with Zapier, Yo and IFTTT for some amazing bespoke integration.

We had a great time using the Flic button and we are still yet to find some prime functions which we want to keep…..as we are having too much fun! Want to know more, please check out their website – flic.io