Mobile apps to help you manage your marketing on the go

Cast your mind back to when your phone was just a phone. What was once chained to your desk and only capable of making voice calls is now effectively a small computer you can take everywhere.

This offers an opportunity to manage your marketing tasks on the fly and free up your precious time. The good news is that everything you can do on your desktop or laptop can also be managed on your phone. So the next time you’re waiting for a train or killing time between meetings, you can update your followers and push your content further.

These are the apps we would recommend to help you manage your marketing on the go:


If you struggle to find the time to post on Instagram, you need Later in your life. This Instagram scheduling platform allows you to plan your posts in bulk, with a calendar view or feed preview so you can see exactly what you grid will look like.

If you connect your Facebook to your Instagram account, you can enjoy automated posting. Otherwise, you’ll receive a push notification which lets you know it’s time to share. Perfect for those who struggle to find the time to post on Instagram.


Want to keep on top of the latest industry news? Feedly is a simple to use news aggregator that will keep you in the know. It’s easy to flip through and find the headlines that strike a chord. View a preview of the article text or head to the full version. You can even save articles which you want to read later.

Feedly is perfect for competitor research, keeping on top of the latest trends, finding engaging content to share on social media and content marketing topic inspiration.


Create showstopping graphics without going anywhere near complex photo editing software. Canva offers a simplified version of programmes like Photoshop and will soon become your best friend. You can quickly throw together graphics for social media that will look like they were created by a professional.

Use your own designs or make the most of the vast library of templates for everything from Infographics to Instagram posts. It also gives you access to a huge library of free-to-use stock photos.

Adobe Premier Rush

Shooting vlogs on the go? If you use your mobile phone to create marketing content, you can now edit this content and upload to social media directly from your phone. Adobe Premier Rush offers a lightweight platform which can produce professional quality short videos which are sure to increase your engagement.


If you’re the sort of person who carries around a Moleskine notebook to keep track of your best ideas, you need Evernote in your life. Evernote is a digital notebook which can be synced across devices so you’ll never lose track of an idea or article again.

Plan your marketing campaigns, make competitor research notes or clip articles that you know you’re going to want to reference in your future blog posts. You can easily organise your notes into notebooks and your notebooks into stacks so you’ll always know where your ideas are.


We no longer have to be trapped in an office to be able to collaborate with our colleagues. If you’re handling your marketing on the go and want to get input from your team, no matter where in the world they might be, you need Slack in your life.

We’re written about how much we love Slack in the past. It’s great for keeping all communication in one place and also for sharing files back and forth. Create channels for every area of your business so that everyone who needs to know what is happening can be kept in the loop.