Increase B2B brand awareness with integrated digital marketing

It’s no secret that B2B companies have a different sales cycle to those in the B2C sector. For example, in the B2B sector, your company might rely on repeat orders and ongoing contracts. People might not search for your products or services the same way they would search for a new microwave, for example.
This can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have the kind of repeat business which many B2C companies would sell their grandma for. On the other, it can be difficult to generate any brand awareness and your customers might not know about your wider product range.
We often hear from businesses looking for ways to get the word out about new products or alternative products. When they add new products or services to their roster, there isn’t an obvious route to market. Suddenly, you wish you’d spent years getting your brand name out there instead of just relying on repeat custom.
The good news is, there are ways you can increase brand awareness. It might look like a B2C campaign, but there are distinct differences to be found. Starting with…

Make your website work harder

When was the last time you updated your website? Your website is your own little slice of the internet and you can do with it what you please – within reason. Your website home page is the perfect place to offer an overview of everything you offer.
Use a hero slider to showcase the different sectors of your business. This can help to shape the public perception of your company and help existing customers to discover new services. You should also ensure that no product or service categories are hidden on your site. Make sure everything is easily navigated and you make use of internal linking strategy.

Be seen in the right places with remarketing

Remarketing is a highly effective form of display advertising. You can get your message in front of the people who have already visited your website. And you don’t have to show them more of the same thing.
Remarketing can be used to keep your company at the forefront of their mind or to cross/up-sell a product or service. If you want to gain more visibility on the web and ensure your brand is seen in front of the right people, remarketing is a highly effective way to achieve this.

Offer added value through email marketing

People prefer to be contacted by email before, during and after the sales process. This is a great opportunity to let current customers know what you have to offer. The first step to building brand awareness is to get permission. Not only is this essential to stay in line with the new GDPR rules, but it’s also just far more polite!
Once you have permission to send marketing emails, you can share helpful insights, cross-sell products and services and generally bring value. If you aren’t sure what value the email will be to your prospects, then don’t send it. Think beyond sales and use your email marketing to build awareness of your brand.

Be a resource to your industry with content marketing

Think content marketing is just for the likes of IKEA and Coke Cola? Big mistake. Content marketing can be hugely valuable for B2B companies in highly niche fields. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what service you provide, you have customers out there looking for answers. And it doesn’t matter if your customers are other companies, because you are trying to speak to the human decision makers at that company.
Everyone has questions about the products and services they are buying on behalf of their company, and content marketing is one of the best ways to answer them. Content marketing has the added benefit of helping boost your website in the eyes of search engines. Your website will soon be present in many industry-specific search results pages, which can only help to boost your visibility.
If you’re ready to take your brand awareness to the next level, get in touch with Auburn to find out how we can help.