How to make the most of a trade exhibition or conference

Trade exhibitions and conferences can be an excellent way to get your product in front of an engaged audience. Testing your offering on real people can not only help to refine your sales process, but it also delivers feedback in real time.

Attending B2B trade events can be expensive, so you want to make sure that you make the most of every opportunity available to you with these four tips…

Focus on your image

No, we don’t mean your hair and clothes! If you are attending a trade exhibition, you need to make sure that all printed and display materials are perfectly in line with your brand. It can be tempting to focus on being eye-catching and standing out, but if this isn’t in-line with your brand, this can be jarring.

We’ve written before about the power of colour in branding and how this can impact the perception of your brand. It isn’t only the design that you should focus on. It’s also helpful to have printed materials that people can take away with them. Just make sure they are high-quality materials. A hastily photocopied stack of flyers might not give the best impression. Slick business cards and printed brochures can be an inexpensive way to make an impact.

Woman looking at brochure

Be social

Social media is a great way to connect with other people who will be at the conference or event. Check with the organisers to find out if there is a Facebook event, a LinkedIn Group or any other official platform you should be checking out.

Even if there aren’t any social media groups, you can always tap into the event using hashtags on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You should be posting about your plans to attend the event in advance, but don’t go silent once you arrive! Make sure you’re active on social media throughout so that people can engage with you, whether they are at the event or not.

You don’t have to use the company social media profiles to interact with people. You can also put a more personal stamp on things by using your personal accounts.

Create a landing page

You don’t have to think about your offline and online marketing activities as being in opposition. One of the best ways to ensure the people who find you at a trade exhibition or conference can continue their experience online is to create a bespoke landing page for the event.

This can allow you to continue the conversation and also gauge the success of your sales efforts. Make it interactive, and make it customised to the particular event. Include demonstration or explainer videos and an overview of your company.

Don’t assume that people know about your company, even if they have sat through a sales presentation. Remember that attendees can expect to see many companies throughout the exhibition or conference. Offer an brief recap of your services to jog their memory.

Follow up

If you’ve gathered email addresses during the event, don’t just lump them in with the rest of your email list. Follow up with this specific group with a message that is tailored to them. Give it a few days until after the event is over so they can settle back into the rhythm of everyday life.

If you’re heading to a trade exhibition or conference and need help refining your image with digital design services, we can help! Get in touch today to find out about past work we have done and how we can help your business to make a mark.