How PPC can level the playing field for SMEs

You no longer have to be a huge company to think global. Where companies would have once been constrained by borders, language barriers and budgets, new marketing tools are levelling the playing field. By leveraging global market insight, it has never been easier for companies to compete on a global scale.

In the UK, this is music to the ears of those concerned about Brexit uncertainty. A weak pound makes British products and services more attractive. So if sales have slowed down for you in one market, you can always move focus to another market.

PPC is one way to make the world a little smaller. Through smart strategy, it’s possible for companies to compete with the big competitors. While a “small” company may have once been restricted to a local area, they can now compete on a global scale. If you have the supply, PPC can help you to find the demand.

Introducing Market Finder

Google’s Market Finder helps you to discover where in the world people are searching for the services you offer. It’s a very easy-to-use service. You insert your URL and then it suggests possible topics based on your website content. You can also add topics manually.

Market Finder then builds a report of the top 3 territories in the world where your products or services are in demand. In addition to the search volumes and suggested bids for your target topics, it also offers information about disposable income in the territories. This can help you with pricing your products or services competitively. And finally, it also offers an “ease of doing business” rank. All countries are ranked 1-190 so you can see which countries are easiest to trade with and which might present problems.

On Market Finder, you’ll also find in-depth guides on everything from global payment portals to tax and legal issues. It’s a comprehensive resource that will ensure you’re always following best practice, no matter where in the world you’re doing business.

Reaching new markets with PPC

PPC works on a bidding model, so many assume that it’s always the company with the biggest budget that wins. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. PPC can help small companies to direct customers away from the biggest companies by offering a level playing field. With a little bit of research and creativity, you can reach more of your ideal customers, anywhere in the world. 

Leverage your quality scores

When you have a smaller budget to work with, you’re more likely to focus on making sure every single advert is as effective as it can be. By focussing on niche keywords and sectors, you can outpace the bigger companies with bigger budgets. If you have a high Quality Score, you’ll actually be charged less for top positions. This is because Google has an obligation to make sure the top results are as relevant as possible. This results in a modified bidding structure where the quality of the advert and the landing page are also taken into consideration.

Trial and error

Perhaps the best part about PPC ads for increasing global reach is that you will see instant results. As soon as you turn on your campaigns you will see traffic from that region. This allows small companies to take a lean approach to exploring new territories. If something isn’t working, you can easily pivot your focus. And if something is working well, you can increase budgets.

Gone are the days when only large companies could go global. No matter your company size, there is a whole world out there looking for what you sell. If you need help moving into international markets, get in touch with our expert PPC team and we’ll show you what we can do.