Google Offers Support to Businesses During These Uncertain Times

SMB owners will be pleased to learn that Google has something up its sleeve to help during the coronavirus outbreak. If you were thinking about slowing down or stopping your search marketing altogether, Google’s latest announcement might make you think twice.
Google recently announced a fund of $340 million in ad credits. This will be used to help small to medium sized businesses continue their PPC activity. You will be able to use your free ad credits at any time during 2020 across all Google Ads platforms.

Who is eligible for the free Google Ad credits?

To be eligible for the free Google Ads credit, you need to have an active account created before January 1st 2019. Your account must also be in compliance with all Google Ads T&Cs.
If your account fits the bill, you should soon see a notification appear when you log in to your account. This fund is available for businesses worldwide, so you may have to wait for the free Ad credits to be added to your account.

Where can I use these ad credits?

Your free Ad credits will be valid across the entire Google Ads network. This includes Search, Display and YouTube and across all ad types. You don’t have to use the Ad credits on channels you already use. So if you’ve been putting off exploring a new platform, this could be the ideal opportunity to run a risk-free trial.
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Any other advice from Google for SMEs?

If you haven’t already, Google recommends updating your Google My Business page to reflect your current opening hours.
If you have closed your physical location, you can update the opening times so that customers don’t show up at your office, showroom or shop.
And if you run a food and beverage business and have switched to takeaway only, this can also be updated in your Google My Business profile.
With most people confined to their homes for all but essential trips, many are turning to the internet for answers. Update your information so that your customers aren’t left in the dark.

How else is Google helping during this crisis?

These free Ad credits for SMBs is just one part of an $800+ million package. This support package is broken down as follows:

  • $250 million Ad credit grant to the World Health Organisation and more than 100 government agencies.
  • $200 million investment fund to support NGOs and financial institutions provide small businesses access to capital.
  • $350 million in Google Ads credit for SMBs.
  • $20 million Google Cloud credit for academic institutions and researchers looking for new ways to combat COVID-19.
  • Additional financial support to help increase the production of PPE and ventilators.