Generate New Customers Online For Less Than A Coffee!

“I want more customers, but I don’t really want to pay for them.” You may not say it, but we know this is what most business owners are thinking! Everyone wants to generate new customers, and everyone wants to get them as cheap as possible. It’s just good business sense.
While digital technology might make it seem like you can generate buzz and leads for your company for free, the reality is that making the most of these opportunities nearly always comes with a price attached. Even if it’s only the time and resources that go into making your social media sparkle or securing those top spots in Google.
We’ve spoken before about the cost per acquisition and why this is the most important metric to keep track of. By keeping track of this metric, you can push the boundaries of your digital marketing campaigns and continually look for ways to lower your costs. Lowering costs isn’t always about spending less money. Often it just means being able to bring in more customers for the same spend.
So, how do you go about generating new customers for less than the cost of a cup of coffee?
Easipetcare is a great example of how we managed to achieve this through astute marketing decisions. Easipetcare is a low-cost pet care company completely disrupting the veterinary care industry. They make pet care affordable by offering the same standard of care up to 40% cheaper. Great news for pet owners, but letting them know about this incredible service was proving to be a challenge.
easipetcare mockup desktop

How did it all start?

It all started with a mobile-first website. Knowing that the majority of the target customers would be doing research on their phones, we wanted to ensure we could quickly and efficiently capture their attention and convert them into customers.
The website is fully responsive and built with the mobile user in mind. It allows potential customers to quickly register their pet to their local easipetcare. Removing all the obstacles to getting users to sign up was the first challenge and as a result, the website achieved an overall conversion rate of 4.5%.

Driving traffic to the site

What good is a mobile site if no one is there to see it? The next challenge was to drive a steady stream of pet owners to the site. This was achieved through a number of methods, but SEO and organic search provided the bulk of the traffic. 60% of all website traffic came from organic search as a result of the SEO campaign. Organic traffic also accounts for 62% of all customer acquisition.
In order to dominate the SERP, we also ran a ruthless and targeted PPC campaign focusing on registering new pets in our target locations. We lowered the average cost of acquiring a new customer through PPC to just £2.16 with an average bid per click of £0.17. Of all the traffic from our Google Adwords campaign, 11.7% converted into a new customer.
easipetcare mobile mockup
And finally, to help claw back some of those customers who didn’t convert the first time around, we created a remarketing campaign. Our display advertising campaign achieves 40,000 views for less than £50. The results were exemplary. Following the implementation of our marketing campaign, easipetcare generated an average of 800 new monthly customers.
These results aren’t exclusive to this single campaign and are indicative of the work we do for all of our clients. When the end goals are simplified and rationalised in such a way as to ensure the path to convert is as simple as possible, we can expect to see much more promising results. You can read more about the easipetcare case study here.
If you’d like to find out how we can help you generate leads for less than a cup of coffee, why not arrange an informal chat with our team today?