Digital Marketing for Self Storage Businesses

The self storage industry is a highly competitive field. Consumers want fast results and they won’t wait around when it comes to making a final decision. In fact, in our experience the average user will only spend 2 minutes and 21 seconds on your website before making a decision. Does your website convert browsers to customers in under 2 minutes and 21 seconds?
The key to driving more sales and sign-ups for your self storage business is to focus on the right marketing strategy. As we have extensive experience as a self storage marketing and design agency, we thought we’d share some of our key benchmarking statistics and how you can turn this insight into fresh leads.
Self Storage Digital Marketing Statistics

How can a self storage marketing and design agency help?

Running a self storage company is a full-time job. Many business owners find that they don’t have enough hours in the day to devote to crafting a powerful digital marketing campaign. If you aren’t running a marketing campaign, word of mouth can only get you so far – so we recommend working with a self storage marketing and design agency with experience in helping similar companies get results.

Know your customers

The first step to capturing the attention of potential customers is to get a firm grasp of who they are. Here are some interesting statistics for you…

  • 28% of self storage customers are aged between 25 and 34
  • Over 70% of customers live within 20 minutes of their storage facility
  • 40% of customers have run out of space in their home
  • More than 76% use a mobile as their primary device to get quotes

You can’t go any further in your marketing strategy until you know who your customers are and where they spend their time online. For example, if your website isn’t optimised for mobile conversions, then you may be wasting your time with 76% of your potential audience.
Self Storage Digital Marketing Statistics

Think fast, local and mobile

As mentioned above, mobile is essential to the customer journey. 76% of customers will first make contact on a mobile device. You need to ensure that your website is fast and functional on any device.
Self Storage Digital Marketing Statistics
You can read more about the importance of website speed here.
Potential customers will also consult Google to find self storage facilities in their area. We outlined earlier that over 70% of customers live within 20 minutes of their storage facility. Coupled with the knowledge that 67% will use location keywords to carry out their research, we begin to understand the importance of local SEO.
A specialist self storage marketing and design agency will be able to point you in the right direction for local keyword research and creating effective location landing pages that will put the visitor on a path to becoming a customer. You don’t have to rely on search advertising to drive traffic to your website. Over 60% of clicks on the first page of Google results comes from organic SEO, so you don’t have to blow your budget on PPC if you can secure and maintain those top rankings.
Self Storage Digital Marketing Statistics

Streamline the process

We’re all pretty impatient these days, and self storage customers are no different. Customers want answers and they want them fast. The average customer will only spend 2 minutes and 21 seconds on your website, so you need to make sure that the enquiry process is clear and quick.
A customer won’t spend time looking around your website trying to find your enquiry page. Every page on your website should allow the customers to start the enquiry journey. This will ensure that no matter where they land, they don’t have to click around to convert.

Keep leads warm

Marketing automation is your best friend when it comes to enquiry-based websites. Around 37% of customers won’t sign up right away after submitting an enquiry. Rather than losing these leads, automated email journeys can help you to keep them warm. In our experience, a simple and well-designed email journey can help to increase conversions by 22%.
This isn’t the only way to pick up lost leads. Remarketing is a cost-effective and powerful way to turn visitors into customers, even after they’ve left your website. The average customer will get around 2 or 3 quotes before choosing a final company. A clever and well-designed remarketing campaign can help to ensure that you stay at the front of their mind while they make this decision. In our experience, this can increase the chance of a customer coming back to you by 54%.
Self Storage Digital Marketing Statistics

Think like a PR agency

An important part of the research process for new customers looking for self storage facilities involves tracking down your reviews. Great reviews from happy customers can help to increase conversions by 11%. By working with a self storage marketing and PR company, you can learn how to generate more reviews and how to turn these reviews into more sales.
Check out our recent blog on building trust at every stage in the customer journey.
Reviews aren’t always offered up, sometimes you need to actively ask your customers how you’re doing. By responding to each and every review, you’ll show your customers that you truly value their feedback. A good marketing PR company can take this one step further and secure local coverage using creative content marketing campaigns. This will not only help to generate visibility in the local press, but it can also help with long-term SEO goals by generating more links to your website.