Digital gifts: showing gratitude to customers and employees

The festive season is just around the corner, so you have no doubt been inundated with gift guides and suggestions. Showing gratitude at this time of year can help to strengthen relationships while also boosting your company profile. 

When you don’t want to send yet another bland fruit basket wrapped in wasteful cellophane, what are the alternatives? It might be time to get a little more creative and think about what would make your company stand out.

If you want to offer your customers and employees something a little different this Christmas, try the following suggestions:

  • A subscription for something they love. You can find subscription boxes for anything from craft beer to books and everything in between.
  • An experience they’ll never forget. Send a gift card for a weekend glamping trip or a spa weekend to get extra Brownie points.
  • Create a food hamper with items bought from local traders.
  • Send your environmentally conscious customers a fancy reusable water bottle or thermos.
  • You could even just send a hand-written note. The bulk of your customer interactions will probably take place online, so you might be more accustomed to hitting the like button than actually putting pen to paper. But a handwritten note can help set your company apart and allow you to express your heartfelt thanks to the customer.

Here are our tips for making sure your gifts hit the mark every time:

Make it about them, not you

Sending branded gifts is a big no-no. By all means, use brand colours for the gift wrap and presentation, but the gift inside should be all about them. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the gift should serve as a visual reminder that your company exists, but this can be achieved far more effectively by choosing a thoughtful gift.

Personalise it

It’s pretty obvious when you receive a gift that was just one of 100. Sending out bottles of wine or champagne to all of your clients or staff is certainly easy, but there could be a more personalised gift out there. If you know that the client loves coffee, don’t send them a tea hamper. And if you know they only drink craft beer, a bottle of wine might not be the best gift. 

Keep it in proportion

If a customer only spends £300 a year with your company, sending them an expensive gift could be awkward. Likewise, if a customer spends £100,000 every year, sending a £20 bottle of wine could be seen as a snub. Keep the value of the gift in proportion to the value of their custom. 

Don’t just stick to December gifting

December is the busiest time of year for sending gifts. If you want your company to stand out, look for other occasions throughout the year to show your appreciation. Celebrate the little milestones with your customers and let them know that you appreciate their custom all year round. The same goes for staff gifts. You can mark events like birthdays, promotions and annual reviews with small tokens of your appreciation.