Structural and civil engineering

Civil & Structural Engineers

In an industry that has traditionally been about who you know, we’re seeing a shift. Your customers are also looking online and it’s important that you’re there too.

Why your digital strategy matters

We’ve worked in the Civil and Structural Engineering sector for over 5 years now, helping several of our clients stay relevant in shifting conditions.  Now is a good time for Civil and Structural Engineering in the UK with the government spending to make the country’s infrastructure fit for the 21stcentury. While many of the biggest projects of the last few years have been focused primarily on London (Crossrail, the Olympics), now the rest of the UK is getting in on the action, bringing new contracts for many Civil and Stuctural Engineering firms in the UK.

How people are buying is changing

As an industry, Civil and Structural Engineering has relied on ‘word of mouth’ and been deeply dependant on who you know, but we think this is changing.  A new generation of buyers are emerging who are not afraid to challenge their current supplier relationships to get better service and value. These buyers are also looking online, not only assessing the quality and relevance of your past work by looking at your website, but also easily finding other suppliers who can offer the services you provide.

Data shows

The data below shows the number of searches that are taking place for specific terms on Google every month in the UK. While we can make the assumption that some of the broad phrases are associated people looking for jobs, doing research or perhaps studying, some of the more specific searches have far greater intent – leading us to believe that the new generation of buyers are indeed searching and finding new suppliers for their tenders online.



A quick health check

A easy and quick test to see if you are still relevant in the digital market place can be done by searching for ‘Civil and structural engineers in [your location]’ – You’ll need to do this with an incognito browser window, so that you get a true picture of what your buyers are seeing. If you’re not coming up on the first page of Google, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be missing out on new business.

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