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A flexible website with metrics to track sales and measure campaign performance.


One of the leading wellington boots manufacturers

Our boots are handmade with care in a Factory that has been producing high-quality rubber boots since 1937. We are built for the outdoors and all our boots are field-tested before going into production. Gumleaf was started on a Norfolk farm by a local farmer, and the brand has grown to be recognised as one of the leading wellington boots manufacturers across the world.

We found the heart of the problem was often a shortage of experienced developers who could engage effectively with senior business leads, whilst ensuring delivery timescales were met. Our intervention rectified the situation and ensured costly errors were avoided, the correct software development processes were followed, and high levels of productivity were maintained.



“Since working with Auburn, we’ve seen a real uplift in sales, our main issue now is making sure we can supply the demand. We’ve got good visibility on how much it costs to generate a sale and how to drive them and with all this unpredictable weather, it’s just a matter of packaging them up as they are flying out the door! - Guy Minshull, Owner.

The muddy path towards digital success.

The UK market for Wellington boots is buoyant, thanks to our unpredictable weather. Gumleaf had built up a good reputation through distributors but has recently expanded its warehousing now wanted to increase the number of people buying directly via digital channels. 

We worked closely with Gumleaf, putting in metrics to track sales and measure campaign performance. Quite quickly the client was able to see a good return on investment and then increased the spend. The main bottleneck now is getting the factory to increase output so the customer demand can be fulfilled.

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