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Flexible website that would give a compelling mobile experience to the customer

Elastic Mint

Highly experienced developers with refreshing ideas

Elastic Mint is a young company born out of the desire to provide a really high quality software development service to companies
We noted that software development was becoming increasingly commoditised with too much focus on speed and expediency and not enough focus on quality, reliability and sustainability.

We found the heart of the problem was often a shortage of experienced developers who could engage effectively with senior business leads, whilst ensuring delivery timescales were met. Our intervention rectified the situation and ensured costly errors were avoided, the correct software development processes were followed, and high levels of productivity were maintained.



“Auburn grasped what we needed immediately and really brought our brand values to life, in a way we could never have done by ourselves.” Julian Ferguson, Sales Manager

AI software development company uses digital to connect and engage.

Operating in a competitive market, Elastic Mint’s main differentiation is how they do things. This resonated with us at Auburn as doing quality work that is reliable and sustainable is important to us as well. 

Sales and marketing manager Julian, expertly crafts engaging content, so he needed a versatile and flexible website that would give a compelling mobile experience to the customer but was also easy to edit for his team. The answer came in the form of a unique new design and a bespoke WordPress theme.

Elastic Mint Stat


Increase in engagement


Immediate increase in direct visibility.


Good reduction in bounce rates


year working relationship


Increase in sessions YOY


Increase Number of pages/sessions from YOY

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