How To Find The Right B2B Copywriter For Your Business

Although the title of this post is “how to find the right B2B copywriter for your business”, it might be more accurate to say that we’re looking at how to find the wrong B2B copywriter for your business.
B2B copywriting is not the stale, subdued sibling of B2C copywriting. They aren’t even from the same family. So a B2B copywriter is not just a boring B2C copywriter, they are an entirely different breed.
All copywriting is designed to convince people to make decisions. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling cars or concrete; the buyer will always be a person. People have needs, desires, pain points, and preferences that need to be addressed before they make a purchase decision.
And it doesn’t matter if they aren’t spending their own money. In fact, if a person is spending their company’s money, they will have to take further steps to justify their spending.
When looking for the right B2B copywriter for your business, there are a few things to look out for. In this guide, we will look at the key competencies of a B2B copywriter and how to find the right person to tell your story. These are the 5 types of copywriter you need in your business, and if you can find one who has it all, you’ve hit the jackpot!

The curious copywriter

A good B2B copywriter needs to be eternally curious about the subject matter they are writing about. You can avoid the need to find a writer who specialises in your niche if you can find one who is happy and excited to do the research. They aren’t happy to regurgitate what they’ve read elsewhere; they want to understand it so that they can put their own perky spin on it.

The succinct copywriter

B2B copywriting often falls down because it’s too bulky, too clunky, and way too wordy. A good B2B copywriter can cut through the noise and streamline your message down to something powerful and succinct.

The versatile copywriter

Copywriters can fall into a niche very easily. They might focus on website copy, email marketing, or social media posts. Get yourself a copywriter who can do all of this and more. You need someone who can jump from technical catalogue writing to pithy social media posts and then switch to a press release without batting an eyelid. A versatile B2B copywriter.

The bold copywriter

As we’ve mentioned above, good B2B copy should never be dry, so your copywriter needs to be bold and brave enough to try new things. By developing good relationships with your copywriters, you can make it easier for them to pitch new concepts and ideas.

The thick-skinned copywriter

A good B2B copywriter won’t be precious about their copy. They will be bold enough to be creative, but they won’t get upset if their idea gets shut down. As we’ve outlined above, a good B2B copywriter needs to be able to pitch new ideas, but they need a safe space to do this.
They need guidance to be able to understand what you are trying to achieve, but they also need the freedom to be able to do their best work. And this all comes down to communication between key stakeholders, your marketing department, and your copywriters.