7 of the best B2B marketing tools for 2021

When you have the right tools on your side, you can make marketing decisions from a place of insight, not just instinct. This is why we recommend investing in a B2B digital marketing stack that will help, not hinder, your progress.
Finding the tools that work for you can be a trial and error process, but to help speed things up a little, we’ve shared our favourite tools below. We believe these tools offer incredible value for money and valuable marketing insight to help you stay ahead of the competition. Read on to learn which B2B marketing tools we recommend for 2021 and beyond.

Lead Generation: Sumo

Building an email list requires a well-planned strategy. Sumo helps to take the stress out of growing your mailing list by making it easy to add pop-ups, banners and sign-up forms to your website. You can segment by page, define the user behaviour that triggers a pop-up and then track your stats from the insightful dashboard. It also integrates with most major email marketing databases, so you’ll be able to plug in and start building an existing list.

Communication: Slack

Team communication was vital in 2021 with more people working from home than ever before. If you want to keep everything organised and on-track, Slack can help. Use the desktop or mobile apps to keep up-to-date on the go, and use the handy file sharing feature to make sure everyone has access to the latest project files.

Email Marketing: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is user-friendly and highly intuitive. You can easily grow your lists, create email campaigns and automate journeys to help increase conversions. It’s also very easy to stay GDPR compliant, so you’ll never run the risk of falling foul of these rules. With plenty of templates available and a simple interface, anyone can get started creating beautiful email marketing campaigns with ease.

SEO software: SEMRush

When it comes to SEO, knowledge is power. And SEMRush offers some incredibly unique insight. This comprehensive SEO package will not only help you to track your website performance, but you can also keep an eye on your competitors and carry out SEO research to determine what content topics you are missing, what links you should obtain and keywords you should focus on.

Analytics: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best free analytics package available. The level of insight available for free is astounding and will put you in an excellent position to make insight-driven decisions. It will allow you to go beyond the vanity metrics and understand your visitor behaviour like never before.

Automation: Hubspot

Sales teams will love the level of automation available in Hubspot. You can track leads, assign follow-ups and make sure that no customer ever falls through the cracks again. Email and customer relationship management merge like never before and make the most complex tasks a breeze. It’s also excellent for distributed sales teams to help keep everyone on track.

Social Media Management: Buffer

Social media can be a drain on your resources if you allow it. With Buffer in your corner, you can easily passively schedule your social media activity, adding content throughout the day from a handy little Chrome plugin. You can also access enhanced social media stats to learn what works best and what drives the best engagement.