5 Tips to increase engagement on twitter

Social media networks are a key tool in helping brands communicate and engage with their customers andTwitter in particular has huge potential for improving customer engagement. Here are five ways to improve relationships on Twitter;

Create Relevant Content

Many businesses make the mistake of using Twitter as a self-promotion tool and simply use it to spread their marketing messages. Instead, Twitter should be used to share content that is relevant and interesting to your followers. Sharing industry news, opinions and insights will show your followers that you are an expert within your specific sector.

Respond To All Tweets

When users interact with your brand on Twitter it is important to show that you value their input. Respond to all tweets directed at your brand, say thank you to new followers, answer any questions and try to resolve any complaints being aired over twitter.
Responding to those who engage with your business will show that you listen to your customers and their opinions are important. It will also increase awareness of your business as many people will retweet messages they receive from brands to their own followers.

Target Multiple Audiences

Twitter is used by people from a variety of age groups and backgrounds and is the perfect platform for identifying new audience segments.  When posting updates, target them towards different segments and measure the reaction and any engagement they receive. You may even discover a receptive audience you had never considered before!

Join Or Host A Twitter Chat

A twitter chat is a discussion that takes place using a designated hashtag, making it easier to identify tweets that are part of the discussion. A twitter chat allows users to engage with industry experts and many chats take place each week. For example, #TravelTuesday takes place on a Tuesday and features experts and insiders from the travel industry answering questions from users.
Hosting or contributing to a twitter chat is also a great way of identifying new followers and demonstrating your expertise in the industry.

Live Tweet

Live tweeting an event or product launch shows your users that you are active and engaged on social media. It provides followers with real time updates and fresh content and also gives them an insight or behind the scenes look at your business.
How do you build engagement with your Twitter followers? Let us know @auburncreative!