4 types of Facebook advert for every business goal

Advertising your business on Facebook is quick, simple, and easy. Not to mention, if you are careful with your ad setup, it can be quite cheap too.

And therein lies the problem with Facebook advertising. Because it is so easy to set it up and get your adverts in front of so many people, it’s easy to get it wrong. Choose the wrong campaign objective and you could be wasting marketing spend on people who are just not interested.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together 4 types of Facebook adverts that will help you navigate this often maligned sector of digital marketing. Read on to discover the best 4 types of Facebook advert for your needs.

1. Increase brand awareness

There needs to be a clear distinction between raising brand awareness and raising awareness about a particular product or service. To maximise your impact, make sure you are using video ads for your brand awareness. Videos generate more engagement than photo posts and can help you to communicate your ideas more effectively. In general, your video ad should be:

  • Short – aim for 5-15 seconds. You’ll have an average of 1.7 seconds to capture attention, so use it wisely.
  • Optimised for mobile. While shooting in square or horizontal might make most videographers weep, this is the best way to make the most of the screen space available.
  • Optimised with a thumbnail and catchy text. Don’t make your video do all of the heavy lifting. When the user is finished watching the video, make sure there is a clear call to action.

2. Increase website traffic

When your goal is to drive traffic to your website, you should be using a link click advert that makes the most of every field available. You will have a single image, headline, copy, CTA button and link description to make an impact.

There are strict rules about what you can and cannot do in all Facebook ads, and for Facebook link click ads you have to keep text coverage on the image below 20%. You will also need to follow character count limits for each text section.

3. Generate leads

If you want to boost your email marketing list and capture top of the funnel leads, then Facebook Lead Ads are ideal. These allow individuals to register their interest in your products or services using a simple form at the end of your ad.

If you want to get users started on an automated email marketing journey, this can be a great way to drive people into the top of the funnel. To stay compliant, you will need to link to your Privacy Policy on your website before you can start running this type of ad.

4. Capture lost traffic

If you’ve already paid to drive traffic to your site but it isn’t converting, then dynamic ads can help you to capture the attention of past website visitors. These are the people who are familiar with your brand and have already been to your website, so you need a completely different approach to a lead generation ad.

Dynamic ads are used to advertise your product catalogue, but if you’re in the lead generation business, you can use a different kind of remarketing adverts. You will need to have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website in order to target this sector of traffic.

If you’re struggling with defining the goals of your Facebook advertising campaigns, get in touch with Auburn today.